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SEC Asshole Post of the week!
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Only the most asinine posts on SEC message boards will be considered for this honor.  Sure, most of the selected posts will be from the Alabama or Arkansas sites.  But, we will consider ridiculous posts from all SEC member message boards. 
If you don't see your post, keep trying.  Being an asshole often enough on message boards WILL get you noticed.
Please note that Tulane will often be featured, as they are some of the most delusional fans in the entire world.

Posted by: East Coast Wave
Ye Old Green Wave Forum
Now that our athletic house is in order:

Dickson and Cowen should be hounding ACC that Tulane can bring alot to the table as the 12th member.

1. Tulane would bolster the conference academic status.

2. Natural geographic rivals with Florida St and Ga Tech, while providing one of the larger media markets in the conference.

3. Provide a great destination for alumni road trips.

4. Conference USA won't sue if the ACC courts Tulane.

5. Tulane would immediately be competitive in every sport except men's basketball(need some work here.)

6. Tulane's facilites are as good as any in the conference if you include the Superdome and Basketball arena.

I am quite sure that Tulane is not on the ACC's "short list". 
I am sure that, as incompetent as the ACC has looked in its' most recent expansion debacle, league heads are well aware of Tulane's recent brush with "death" and slippage of the Tulane athletic department into Division III hell.
In reponse:
1-Are you sure that you would bolster the conference academic status?  Are you that far ahead of Duke, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest?  Perhaps you could lend yourselves to the Ivy League.
2-Natural rivals with Florida State and Georgia Tech?  Oh, I am sure these two programs look forward to your annual meeting.  You have played recently, haven't you?  Pray tell, just what do you have in common with either of these two programs?
3-New Orleans is NOT a geat destination for road trips.  New Orleans is dirty, dangerous, and an eyesore.  I would rather travel to inner city Chicago.
4-I am sure that you are correct here.  C-USA would not sue to keep you in the fold.  You are not worth the attorney fees of such a move.  Just what do you bring to the table?
5-You would NOT be competetive in any sport, except baseball.  Have you forgotten your most recent pilgrimmages to Baton Rouge?  How about that little opener at BYU?  Please tell me that you do not actually believe that you would compete with the likes of Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Georgia Tech, or NC State.
6-The Superdome is NOT your facility.  Your facilities are so poor that you must "borrow" from public venues. - The Collegiate Source

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