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Poll #14:
Things I admire about USC football:
They told the ACC to bite their ass (39%)
They call themselves "Cocks" (20%)
The mascot is a friggin chicken (13%)
Classy fans (13%)
Lou Holtz (10%)
The color black (1%)

Poll #13:
Ole Miss:
Prettiest girls in the SEC (55%)
Gayest guys in the SEC (11%)
The Grove (6%)
First the flag, now the mascot (6%)
Eli is drunk again (5%)
Always fade down the stretch (4%)
Won last title before my birth (4%)
Snotty little rich guys (3%)

Poll #12:
What do you think of when you think of Florida fotball?
Steve Spurrier (44%)
Falling from grace (13%)
Dominance (11%)
Ugly damned uniforms (11%)
Arrogance (8%)
The Swamp (5%)
Ron Zook??? (5%)

Poll #11:
Auburn football suffers because:
They have a Teletubby as a head coach (19%)
The players get beat up by opposing team's band (19%)
They stomped on the wrong logo (13%)
Bama is still #1 in Alabama (13%)
They are always too young (10%)
Pat Dye wants to be the head coach (6%)
They are Finebaum's favorite team (6%)
They have an addiction to cigars (6%)
The Tiger walk is gay (3%)
Their tails are burned by opposing team's fans (3%)

Poll #10:
Mississippi State is best known for:
Cowbells (32%)
Probation U (25%)
Trailer Parks (22%)
Jackie The Clown (16%)
Being edentulous (3%)

Poll #9:
The best thing about Kentucky is:
Fat boys play quarterback (56%)
Hillbillies (15%)
Basketball (12%)
Churchill Downs (6%)
The road trip (3%)
Moonshine (3%)
Black Lung (3%)

Poll #8:
Which best describes Razorback football?
Thug U (23%)
Batman is toast, again (21%)
All Arkansas players run a 4.3 forty (21%)
Harvord of the South (17%)
Nutt is a nut (15%)
Nutt really did turn down the Notre Dame job (1%)

Poll #7
Things I associate with Tennessee:
Rocky Top (44%)
Neyland Stadium (19%)
Ugliest Uniforms in the SEC (17%)
Has the NCAA in their pocket (12%)
Tennstud (4%)
Smoky Mountains (2%)

Poll #6:
UGA will repeat if Richt pulls:
A rabbit out of his ass (70%)
The suspensions before SEC play (16%)
The university phone cards (12%)
A Houston Nutt with his players (12%)

Poll #5 Question:
LSU fans:
Sure can cook (55%)
Are obnoxious as hell (13%)
Will never see another NC (7%)
Burn Auburn's fans' tails (5%)
Are drunk as pigs (4%)
Throw things at other fans (2%)
Are the worst in the SEC (1%)
Are uneducated imbeciles (1%)

Poll #4 Question:
Bama will be best noted for:
It's Rollin' baby, it's Rollin  (53%)
The Bahhrr is dead  (12%)
Tide box on a broomstick  (9%)
Jessie Jackson as AD  (9%)
193 National Championships  (7%)
Gump Central  (4%)

Poll #3 Question: 
When will Vanderbilt win another football title?

Results to Poll #3:
1-When they join the Sunbelt Conference (70%)
2-When Hell freezes over (30%)

Poll #2 Question: 

How soon will the SEC consider expansion?

1-As soon as ACC expands: 62%
2-5 years: 11%
3-Ain't gonna happen: 10%
4-Longer than 5 years: 7%
5-2 years: 5%
6-1 year: 4%
7-If Big 10 Expands: 1%

Thanks to all who participated.  Keep coming back for more interesting polls from SEC Sports Smack.

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