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Top 25 Nationally:

01) Oklahoma

02) Ohio State

03) Auburn*****

04) Miami

05) Kansas State

06) Texas

07) Virginia Tech

08) Michigan

09) LSU*****

10) Pittsburgh

11) North Carolina State

12) Southern Cal

13) Maryland

14) Georgia*****

15) Notre Dame

16) Washington

17) Virginia

18) Tennessee*****

19) Wisconsin

20) Texas A&M

21) Alabama*****

22) Arkansas*****

23) Arizona State

24) Florida State

25) TCU

*****Denotes SEC member


ESPN Coaches Poll


SEC Rankings:

01) Auburn (They are loaded) (Stock Rising)

02) LSU (Talented, and well coached.  Love Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night) (Stock Rising)

03) Georgia (Plenty of holes to fill, but loaded with young talent) (Stock Falling)

04) Tennessee (May be the best of a slightly down eastern conference) (Stock Even)

05) Alabama (Better win this year.  Scholarship reduction takes a toll beginning next year) (Stock Even)

06) Arkansas (Plenty coming back, but no passing game) (Stock Even)

07) Florida (Say it ain't so.  Gators are sliding) (Stock Falling)

08) Kentucky (Can beat any team on a given date.  Lorenzen is a man) (Stock Rising)

09) Ole Miss (Best QB in SEC.  Worst rushing game in SEC.  Plenty of work to be done on the defensive side of the ball) (Stock Even)

10) South Carolina (Very talented.  Very young.  A year away) (Stock Rising)

11) Mississippi State (New assistant coaching staff will help.  Old head coach won't.  NCAA breathing down their necks) (Stock Falling)

12) Vanderbilt (Has experience.  Must learn how to win in rugged SEC) (Stock Rising)

2002 Final SEC Statistics:


Final Top 25 teams: 3/12 (UGA3, BAMA11, AUB14)
Non-conference record (regular season): 37-12, .755
Bowl record: 3-4
Non-conference record (overall): 40-16, .714
Non-conference record versus Top 25 (regular season): 1-6
Non-conference record versus final Top 25: 3-10
Non-conference record versus all 1-A seven-win teams (regular season): 11-11
Non-conference record versus all 1-A seven-win teams (overall): 14-15
Record versus 1-AA teams: 5-0 - The Collegiate Source

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