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Commentary: Colonel Reb: RIP


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Commentary: Colonel Reb: RIP
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Colonel Reb

Ole Miss Athletic Director Pete Boone stated today (June 17), that a new and improved athletic campaign will not include Colonel Reb.Beginning with this year's football season, the loveable, southern plantation looking gentleman will no longer be the on the field mascot of the Rebs (is it still Rebs?). 
The mascot with the big head and floppy clothes had patrolled the Ole Miss sidelines since 1980.  He was adored by kids and revered by adults.
Mr. Boone stated that this action, in no way, was any part of a plan to change the school's nickname.  Of course, we have heard this before.  On March 11th of this year, Chancellor Robert Khayat met with student body leaders to "put aside rumors" of a plan to phase out university symbols such as Colonel Reb, the Ole Miss Rebels, and "Dixie".
Mr. Boone said that part of the reason to exile Colonel Reb was that he wanted to create a more intimidating mascot.  (Perhaps a large rainbow would do.)
A norhtern advertising firm (the same one that created the fierce-looking LSU emblem) was hired to handle the design of the new mascot.

What a shame!

The days of political correctness have claimed yet another victim.  The same energies that brought Title IX upon the college football world have administered the first of a barrage of punches at denying the fans of Ole Miss what is rightfully theirs.  Their heritage.
Title IX has resulted in the destruction of NCAA football as we knew it.  It was the precursor to the BCS.  It is why conferences are fighting and stealing from other conferences.  Title IX has led to increased ticket prices and the abolition of many men's college sports.  Title IX is the real reason Tulane (as recently as last week) questioned their own survivability in Division I sports.  It is the Robin Hood of college sports.  Title IX diverts money away from money making programs, and diverts the money to poverty stricken programs in the name of sexual equality.
This same element seeks to rid the south of all elements of its' own heritage.  This element will not stop at a mascot change.  This "folding" of the Ole Miss administration simply invites more demands upon themselves from the do-gooders of society.
I abhor racial intolerance or discrimination, but Colonel Reb was no more a sign of oppression, racial hatred, or bigotry, than a "Demon Deacon" is a sign of religious intolerance.
My Great Granfather fought for a cause.  This cause was not (as so many would have you believe) slavery.  The cause he fought for was a cause guaranteed by our own United States Constitution.  He fought for the cause of state's rights.  He had no slaves.  He was a share-cropper, as were most of the young men who fought for their country back then.  He re-traced his walks to the battlefields of Richmond, Virginia on his death-bed.  The story has been retold to generations since. 
All peoples cherish their roots.  All should be proud of their heritage, and the sacrifices of those before them.  My ancestors prepared a better world for me.  I will neither shun nor forget them. 
I would hope that the supporters of Ole Miss feel the same way.
One more thing:  have any of you seen the new LSU logo?  Fierce?  Intimidating?  It looks like a kitten with stubby arms.  It is, quite simply, pathetic.  Perhaps the worst in the SEC.  And you want to hire these jokers to design you a mascot?

Mascots that offend me:

"Yankees" offend me.  I demand their name change.  My ancestors suffered through the injustices of reconstruction.  Land was stolen.  Careers were ruined.  Political oppression.  Forced changes in the lifestyle of my people.
"Hurricanes"  offend me.  Hurricanes have brought only financial ruin, destruction of property, and loss of life to all who live along the gulf coast. 
"Senators" offend me.  Senators have not always voted to my liking.  They have hurt many of the causes that I deemed important.
"Green Wave" offends me.  The only experience I have ever had with a green wave was, utterly, disgusting.  I, simply, cannot describe the incident here (in case children are reading this site).

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