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Odds on Winning Sugar Bowl

Bet Selections

Win Odds
Oklahoma 5.5
Miami 7.5
Ohio State 8.0
Texas 9.0
Kansas State 13.0
Southern Cal 15.0
Virginia Tech 16.0
Auburn 16.0
Michigan 16.0
Georgia 16.0
Tennessee 18.0
Florida State 19.0
Florida 23.0
North Carolina State 25.0
LSU 26.0
Washington 26.0
Notre Dame 26.0
Maryland 29.0
Pittsburgh 34.0
Arkansas 41.0
Virginia 41.0
Colorado 41.0
Nebraska 41.0
Penn State 51.0
Texas A&M 51.0
Oregon 51.0
Arizona State 51.0
Iowa 51.0
Wisconsin 56.0
Georgia Tech 61.0
Minnesota 67.0
UCLA 81.0

Odds on Winning Heisman Trophy
Bet Selections Win Odds
Maurice Clarett (OH St) 6.0
Eli Manning (MISS) 8.0
Philip Rivers (NC St) 11.0
Kevin Jones (VA TECH) 11.0
Ell Roberson (KAN St) 11.0
Roy Williams (TEX) 14.0
Cody Pickett (WASH) 14.0
Anthony Davis (WISC) 14.0
Cedric Benson (TEX) 14.0
Carnell Williams (AUB) 14.0
Frank Gore (MIA) 16.0
Timmy Chang (HAW) 16.0
T.A. McClendon (NC St) 16.0
Casey Clausen (TENN) 21.0
Brock Berlin (MIA) 21.0
Reggie Williams (WASH) 21.0
Greg Jones (FL St) 21.0
Jamal Lord (NEB) 21.0
Darren Sproles (KAN St) 23.0
Chris Gamble (OH St) 23.0
Reggie McNeal (TX A&M) 23.0
Steven Jackson (ORE St) 24.0
Andrew Walter (ARZ St) 26.0
Carlyle Holiday (ND) 26.0
Bruce Perry (MAR) 26.0
Brad Smith (MIS) 26.0
Brandon Miree (PITT) 29.0
John Navarre (MICH) 31.0
Rashaun Woods (OKL St) 31.0
David Greene (GEO) 31.0
Larry Fitzgerald (PITT) 31.0
Chris Rix (FL St) 36.0
Ryan Grant (ND) 38.0
Tatum Bell (OKL St) 41.0
Kejuan Jones (OKL) 45.0
Fred Talley (ARK) 48.0
Zack Mills (PENN St) 48.0
Derrick Knight (BOS) 48.0

Odds on Winning Biletnikoff Award
Bet Selections Win Odds
Reggie Williams (WASH) 3.5
Roy Williams (TX) 4.5
Mike Williams (SO CAL) 7.0
Rashaun Woods (OK St) 7.0
Larry Fitzgerald (PITT) 7.0
Michael Clayton (LSU) 9.0
Fred Gibson (GE) 11.0
Braylon Edwards (MICH) 11.0
John Standeford (PUR) 11.0
Lee Evans (WISC) 13.0
Darius Watts (MARSH) 13.0
Bernard Berrian (FRES St) 15.0
Britton Komine (HAW) 15.0
Devard Darling (WASH St) 18.0

Odds on Winning the Doak Walker Award
Bet Selections Win Odds
Maurice Clarett (OH St) 3.75
Frank Gore (MIA FL) 7.0
Kevin Jones (VIRG TH) 7.0
Cedric Benson (TX) 7.0
Anthony Davis (WISC) 7.0
Carnell Williams (AUB) 7.5
Darren Sproles (KAN St) 11.0
TA McClendon (NC St) 11.0
Bruce Perry (ML) 13.0
Steven Jackson (ORE St) 13.0
Michael Turner (NO Ill) 13.0
Brandon Miree (PITT) 13.0
Greg Jones (FL St) 13.0
Fred Russell (IOWA) 15.0
Mewelde Moore (TUL) 16.0
Julius Jones (ND) 16.0
Kejuan Jones (OKL) 16.0

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